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Grown Up Guide

A general overview of each of the 24 lessons is included as well as questions and conversation starters you can use at home to reinforce the learning goals of the curriculum. By stimulating conversations that build upon each lesson topic, we hope to further weave the Girls on the Run mission into the daily lives of the girls and the adults who care for and love them.

Why is this important? While children can be affected and inspired by their teachers and friends, it is parents and caregivers who have the ultimate influence in their lives. As you discuss the lessons, you will reinforce the goals of the Girls on the Run program while also deepening your connection with one another. If you are returning to Girls on the Run for the second, third or even sixth time, we strongly encourage you to continue asking your girl these questions. She is growing up and continually changing, and while the questions remain the same, the answers will evolve.

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Other Resources

The resources below are a listing of helpful books and websites that address the issues that today's girls are facing. For more information about any of these organizations, please visit their website by clicking the link provided.

A Mighty Girl 

“A Mighty Girl is the world’s largest collection of books, toys, movies, and music for parents, teachers, and others dedicated to raising smart, confident, and courageous girls and, of course, for girls themselves! The site was founded on the belief that all children should have the opportunity to read books, play with toys, listen to music and watch movies that offer positive messages about girls and honor their diverse capabilities."

Black Girls RUN!

Your daughter looks up to you and what better way to make her even more proud than to hit the pavement to run your first 5k with her at your local Girls on the Run end-of-season 5k. Not sure where to start? Your daughter isn't the only one that deserves an amazing support system, you do too! Join the Black Girls RUN! Movement!...a running organization dedicated to getting all women active and healthy. With 70 groups and more than 150,000 members nationwide, we'll help you train for your first 5K step-by-step.  To learn more about Black Girls RUN! or to find a group near you, visit

Common Sense Media

Common Sense is dedicated to helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology. To help kids keep their online interactions safe, productive, and positive, this site offers up-to-date research and guidance on social media basics. Learn about the latest apps and websites, and get tips on talking to your kids about sharing, posting and avoiding digital drama.

Making Caring Common Project

Making Caring Common (MCC) helps educators, parents and communities raise children who are caring, respectful, and responsible toward others and their communities. MCC uses research and the expertise and insights of both practitioners and parents to develop effective strategies for promoting in children kindness and a commitment to the greater good, to influence the national conversation about raising and educating caring, ethical children, and to develop partnerships that elevate the MCC message.

National Eating Disorders Association

The National Eating Disorders Association is dedicated to expanding public understanding of eating disorders and promoting access to quality treatment for those affected along with support for their families through education, advocacy and research.

PBS Parents Guide to Raising Girls

“The PBS Parents Guide to Raising Girls will help you understand your daughter's inner and outer worlds. You'll find out how to help her grow up powerful, self-confident, and self-aware — with a critical eye towards the messages the media is marketing to her.”

Together Counts

The Together Counts program is a nationwide program inspiring active and healthy living. Together Counts was started by The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, a CEO–led organization, that is a national, multi-year effort designed to help reduce obesity, especially childhood obesity, by 2015. The website features a blog and home, school and community focused resources.

If you're interested in seeing your website listed as a resource, please email [email protected].